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Motorized Lab Jack

  Features: Scissors structure, high stability. Precision lapping screw, high accuracy and big load capacity. NEMA 17 stepper motor drive and DB9 interface. Limit switch. Hand... Learn More
$294.00  $291.061% off

Single Grating Monochromators

  Features: Czerny-Turner optical design for high resolution & maximum throughput while minimizing stray light & aberrations Single ruled grating used for high efficiency ultraviolet... Learn More
$1,701.00  $1,666.982% off

Manual Tilt Stage

  Features: Two axes tilt platform for aligning optical components. Micrometer head with 0.5mm pitch. Hardened and polished steel ball pivots.   Description:   The Model... Learn More
$113.00  $111.871% off

Motorized Lab Jack

  Features: Precision ball screw, good repeatability and long life. Linear bearing guides, long travel range, high accuracy and high load capacity. Precision lapping worm drive, ultrahigh... Learn More
$2,464.00  $2,414.722% off

Motorized Rotation Stage

  Features: Shaft system is precisely made by bearing steel, high precision and load capacity. Match lapping worm and gear structure, comfortable movement, small backlash. Clearance... Learn More
$280.00  $277.201% off

Motorized XY Table

  Features: Xy axis integrated design, compact structure. High precision lapping screw, high solution. Crossed roller guide, high precision and high load capacity. Stepper motor drive... Learn More
$1,029.00  $1,008.422% off

Manual Lab Jack

  Features: Compatible with mini-series breadboards and components. Uses scissors structure, featured with high stability. Heavy-duty design supports over 20kg. Configures lock function... Learn More
$160.00  $158.401% off

Manual Z Axis Stage

  Features: Miniature design for small space. High precision crossed roller guides. Fine positioning via micrometer head with high resolution. 10mm height adjustment. Thumb screw lock... Learn More
$48.00  $47.521% off

Motorized XY Microscope Stage

  Features: XY axis integrated design, compact structure. Center rectangular hole for microscope. High precision ball screw, better repeatability. Crossed roller guide, high precision... Learn More
$2,317.00  $2,270.662% off

Motorized xyz Stage

  Features: High precision lapping screw, high solution. Crossed roller guide, high accuracy, and good linearity. Stepper motor drive and DB9 interface. Zero position switch and... Learn More
$1,110.00  $1,087.802% off

4-Axis Motorized Stage

  Features: 4-axis motorized stage with translation and rotation function. Travel range of x, y, z axis stage is 150mm to 400mm. Travel range of rotation stage is 360°. NEMA 17... Learn More
$3,621.00  $3,618.160% off

Long Travel Translation Stage

  Features: Long travel range Precision ball screw with big pitch Precision linear bearing Drive by hand wheel Description: The manual long-travel linear stage uses Ball Screw &... Learn More
$238.00  $235.621% off
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