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We offer many kinds of precision positioning systems according to customer's requirment. Our presicion alignment system uses high accuracy xyz stage, rotation stage, goniometer stage, tilt stage. Our precision positioning system can be used in optical testing, optical measure, precision motion control, optical alignment, automatic control and so on.

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Optical Adjustment System

  Features: Optical adjustment system with three degrees of freedom Stacked by manual vertical stage, manual rotation stage and manual tilt stage All stages have lock function Steady... Learn More

Precision Positioning System

  Features: Provides xy translation motion and z vertical motion Z axis stage uses stepper motor Xy axis stage uses linear slide and ball screw High resolution and load capacity   ... Learn More

Optical Testing System

  Features: Optical testing system uses high precision linear guide rails and ball screw Long travel range stage with manual wheel drive Xyz stages have lock function X axis stage and z... Learn More

Automatic 5-axis Alignment System

  Features: Automatic 5-axis alignment system provides five degrees of freedom 5-axis stages are driven by stepper motors High precision and resolution Z axis stage has power-off brake... Learn More

3-axis Coordinate System

  Features: 3-axis coordinate system uses precision linear slide rails and ball screw Xyz motorized stages are driven by stepper motors Z axis has power-off brake function High resolution... Learn More

Spectrum Sense Testing System

  Features: Spectrum sense testing system can rotate 360 degrees Prism part has xy axis translation stage, θ axis rotation stage and tilt stage Silicon detector part has y axis... Learn More

Manual 5-axis Alignment System

  Features: Manual 5-axis alignment system provides xy axis, z axis, Tx axis and Tz axis motion Xy translation stage uses precision crossed roller guides and ball screw Tx rotation stage... Learn More
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